To schedule an initial session, please contact me via phone or e-mail. You may also use the “REQUEST APPOINTMENT” button below which will take you to my patient portal at The first session is scheduled for 120 minutes in duration. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Request Appointment


If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to speak with John before making an appointment, you can leave a message for me on my voicemail (785-764-1357) or e-mail me ( at anytime (24/7).

These are the days and times I am currently available to schedule people:

Monday: 8AM – 9PM
Tuesday: 8AM – 9PM
Wednesday: 8AM – 9PM

Self-Pay Fees

The first session is a flat rate of $220 (which includes two brief written assessments at $10 each). My hourly rate is $200 per hour (though the first session is still a flat $220 fee). Sessions are typically 60-minutes in duration; when appropriate, 45-minute sessions are $150. When appropriate, video sessions can be arranged for self-pay patients after initial sessions. I do not charge for missed or cancelled appointments.

Health Savings Accounts can be used for self-pay fees, high deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance.


I am an in-network provider for BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS). I will attempt to verify your insurance benefits with you prior to the first appointment. I encourage all potential patients to clarify and confirm their insurance benefits by contacting their insurance company. Most insurance plans provide minimal support when using out-of-network providers; an in-network provider will almost always maximize your insurance benefits. Still, I can submit insurance claims for patients who do not have BCBS insurance or provide you with the information you need to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Co-payments or co-insurance are due when services are provided. I do not charge for missed or cancelled appointments.

I AM NOT a Medicare or Medicaid provider; my patients who have Medicare or Medicaid are limited to self-pay and cannot seek reimbursement.