How CBT, ACT,MI, AND MINDFULNESS are used in therapy

  • Psychotherapy using CBT, ACT, MI, and Mindfulness are remarkably helpful in making the practice of our values, strengths, and abilities the priority we want it to be. These therapy techniques help us be more aware of how our brains have been working hard to creating and maintaining anxiety and depression. This awareness helps us to begin practicing new habits of thinking and being.
  • In therapy (using CBT, ACT, MI, and Mindfulness), we can practice recognizing how our unpleasant emotional experiences are associated with unhelpful (and often inaccurate) language. We also practice recognizing unhelpful behavior associated with these thoughts and emotions. These behaviors, thoughts, and emotions can be viewed as unhelpful habits we continue to experience because of the way our brains do such a great job at doing what it is used to doing in the past (i.e., maintain status quo). Being aware of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are inconsistent with how we want to be, gives us the opportunity to intentionally respond in a healthy, helpful, and enjoyable manner.
  • CBT, ACT, MI, and Mindfulness give us the skills to help us learn how to practice shifting our attention toward where we want our lives to be (instead of focused on and affected by what we don’t want in our life). Therapy helps us practice letting our brain know that we want to engage and participate in value-based actions (rather than avoidance-based actions that keep us working hard for status quo).

Learning how to practice living the life you want

  • We know these strategies will work because we know our brains will help us do what we want and be who we want to be (that’s what our brains do really well). Therapy helps us start and continue practicing being how we want to be. By doing so, we provide our brain with the information it needs to help us be successful in our life. Therapy helps us practice living the life we want intentionally so that we can more readily implement our best life whenever we want.
  • Therapy can help us intentionally practice using helpful, accurate language and healthy behaviors consistent with what is important to us. This way of being builds our confidence in responding to what happens in our lives in healthy ways. We build confidence in being consistent with our priorities and how we want to be in our lives.
  • When we are not working hard for status quo, we have more energy to put into living a happy, healthy life right now. When we are building confidence in paying attention to helpful thoughts and physical sensations, taking actions consistent with our values, and intentionally tracking under what situations they occur – we send the message we want to send to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

If living intentionally sounds attractive to you, I hope that you will contact me with questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.