I provide psychotherapy for adult individuals (anyone 18 years or older)

  • I provide treatment for individuals with anxiety and depression. Almost all of my patients are experiencing anxiety and depression because all human beings experience anxiety and depression. In therapy, we learn that the unpleasant emotions we experience can be validated as healthy brain activity. Yes…anxiety and depression are evidence of healthy brain activity. We also learn that we can shift our attention toward responding to our experiences in a way that builds confidence in our ability to thrive, flourish, and be great in our own lives.
  • We cannot control everything that happens to us in our lives. We can, however, substantially influence how people respond to us and create the space we need for ourselves (and those around us) to practice being consistent with the life we want.

Does This Sound Like You?

The People I See…

  • The people I see are often experiencing difficulties in work, school, relationships, or family circumstances.
  • The people I see may have been recently diagnosed with or experiencing ongoing chronic health conditions (e.g., chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis). They may be recently separated or divorced or experiencing other stressful life situations.
  • The people I see may be engaging in unhealthy behaviors (e.g., smoking, excessive alcohol use, drug use, or gambling) that are interfering with their quality of life.
  • The people I see may be having difficulty in changing other health behaviors affecting quality of life (e.g., sleep, physical activity, nutrition).
  • The people I see may be experiencing very successful lives by most people’s standards and are not satisfied with their level of stress or happiness.

Who Don’t I See?

  • I currently cannot provide services to anyone utilizing Medicare or Medicaid. I do not see couples. I do not do family therapy. I can make referrals to other providers for these services.
  • Spouses, partners, confidants, and family members are often invited to sessions if agreed to by and if in the best interests of the patient.

Other Conditions I Treat

  • Panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety, specific phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder are categories of psychiatric diagnoses based on clusters of symptoms that can largely be explained by healthy brain activity attempting to keep us out of harm’s way…and, can substantially interfere with value-based living.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit disorder are often accompanied by significant anxiety and depression that interferes with adhering to effective management of these chronic health conditions.
  • Substance use disorders, like other conditions described here, result from both genetic and experiential factors that limit anyone’s ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Like many others, I am familiar with the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression due to severe addiction to alcohol, opioids, and nicotine.